The Consultation

The Basics of Electrolysis

Electrolysis works by inserting a fine stainless steel or gold probe into the hair follicle, and introducing an electrical current. This current acts to destroy the cells responsible for regrowth, and the offending hair is removed immediately after the treatment has taken place. This process is done one hair at a time, and usually requires multiple sessions to remove all unwanted hair. Generally,  an individual follicle requres 1-3 treatments in order to acheive a permanent kill, but even if we fail to kill the hair on the first treatement, it will come back much weaker and finer than before the treatment.

What to Expect

The amount and severity of side effects experienced depends largely on the sensitivity of your skin, the duration of the session and the density of the hair that is being treated. Most skin returns to normal within 30 minutes of treatment.

The Importance of Moisture

Moisture can play a role in the hair removal process. Drinking water the day before and the day of your treatment is the most effective way to hydrate your follicles for the best results.

Keeping you Comfortable

While the procedure is typically not painful, there can be discomfort that varies widely from one person to the next, and also from one area of the body as compared to another.