Before & After Care



Before Your Treatment Session

When you come in for a treatment, please make sure the hair you want removed is long enough to be firmly grasped with tweezers. For most people this is 2-3 days worth of growth. If the hair is longer than 1⁄4 inch, please trim the hair so we can spend less time finding the root and more time treating it.

Exfoliating the skin prior to a treatment can help as well, especially if you are prone to ingrowns. This allows us easy access to the follicle and may help reduce scabbing.

Take or apply any medication you may be using for pain management with adequate time for it to take effect before your appointment.

After Your Treatment Session

Then, once you get home, the general rule of thumb is to treat the area like you would a sunburn. Be gentle with the skin until it has returned to normal sensitivity (typically 1-2 days), and try to keep it clean and limit your sun exposure. Don’t’ pick at any scabs, and try not to touch the treated area too often until it has had a chance to heal. Heavy makeup should be avoided for the first 24 hours, but light mineral-based makeup that lets the skin breath is okay to apply sooner than that.